Wednesday, January 19, 2011

summer lovin'

The summer is kinda a newborn blur to me now--you mamas know what I mean! We tried to have some fun for the kids but it can be hard to get around with a newbie. Behold, one of my favorite craigslist finds ever:
This Joovy big caboose triple stroller is awesome and makes getting around with 4 little easy as it can be to get out with 4 little ones! I know it's not that great of a picture but I love this stroller. It's pretty pricey to buy new but I found one on CL and the people had only used it once when they went to Disneyland so it was in great shape and I got a killer deal. This stroller actually weighs less than a Graco double stroller and pushes/steers surprisingly easily. I love it and the kids feel pretty cool on their limousine stroller.
We did a lot of chillin' in the backyard and the kids love to find the critters that live around here. This garter snake is fun to play with when he's foolish enough to get caught.

These little froggies (about the size of a penny) are so cute and there is an excessive amount of them hopping around our yard, so I don't mind sacrificing a few of them for the cause of a fun childhood for my kids. Galla, Finn and Paisley love to catch them and put them in buckets or make them little beds--how CUTE is this!!!

Some other fun things we did last summer:
In July we went to a Rivercats baseball game.
In August we celebrated Mammaw's birthday with her. That bowl of "popcorn" is actually her cake that I made her and the "popcorn" is marshmallows! Mam is well-known for the delicious popcorn she makes and puts in a green bowl just like the one I used for the cake (you can actually see her popcorn bowl on the table in the background). My kids always grab a handful or two (or ten) from that green bowl when we go to Mam's.
On Labor Day we went boating with Uncle Brad and his family. The kids loved being on the boat, swimming in the lake, eating all the snacks, and going on the raft. I love how Paisley and Finn's lifevests are up to their eyes!
The next weekend in September we went to the Barnum and Bailey circus with Mimi and Opa. It was so cool and some of those acts were quite impressive!
I love this totem pole picture of my boys!


Bart's Rebecca said...

Ah man newborn blur...I hear ya sister!

natalie said...

I will definitely need one of those strollers when the time comes.