Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quiet vs. Camping

Hmmm…all 3 kids are napping at the moment, so what should I do? Take nap or post a blog? A nap sounds nice, but I’d better blog before I get more behind. I’ll just keep it short and maybe I can still catch some shut-eye. I could definitely use it!
Last Friday Paisley and I had a girls’ night while Brad took Galla and Finn to the ward campout. Paisley and I enjoyed some peace and quiet.
I know this picture is a bit blurry, but she looks so cute! I'll have to try this pose again.
Galla and Finn were obviously excited about the whole experience. Look at those faces!
They loved the s'mores and sleeping in the tent.
I call this picture: "Arrrrr me mallow!" It's like her pirate patch. And that stick looks friendly.
Brad brought them back dirty and damaged, so I know they had a good time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Falke: Party of Five

I know, I’m past due on posting, but I’m behind on a lot of things these days. Those things include, but are not limited to: laundry, vacuuming, dishes, thank you cards, painting my toenails, sleep, and sanity. Most of the free time I previously had (evenings and naptime) is now occupied by Paisley. She is a content little girl and we’re enjoying this special time when she’s so new. Now, without further adieu, and since I turn back into a milk maid in about 20 minutes, here are some anticipated pictures:
All that eatin' and poopin' really tuckers her out!
I painted a little paisley print on my big piggy toe for Paisley's birth.
I absolutely LOVE this picture! Galla can't get enough of her little sister. She wants to hold her always and is very protective. Galla likes to talk to Paisley and tell her all about things like Christmas and Disneyland.
This is pretty much what my days look like. We're usually only half-dressed and half-awake.
My parents came to visit last weekend and we took a trip to Tillamook. FYI: the factory doesn't run on Saturdays, but you can always get grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream galore. We definitely ate our fair-share of dairy!
After filling our tummies at the cheese factory, we hit the beach. Galla likes to keep Brad busy digging for sand crabs.
Finn is content digging in the sand with a spoon by himself.
The 4th of July was packed with fun! In the morning we went to the breakfast at church and then headed to the Corbett city parade. Then we came home and gave the kids late, long naps before going to a barbeque with a bunch of friends at the Trujillo's and going back to Corbett for the fireworks. Galla and Finn think fireworks are awesome and even Paisley stayed alert and in awe of the amazing show.We are so grateful to be a family and live in this great country.