Monday, January 24, 2011

happy hallo"wings"

This was from Galla's school Fall Festival Carnival Autumn Celebration (or whatever PC title they gave it). I painted her scarecrow face and thought it turned out really cute--she was just thrilled to be wearing make-up!

The kids thought it was cool that they all had wings with their costumes (minus little Ryken--wings don't really go well in a stroller) and I made Galla's and Paisley's. The craigslist Buzz costume came in handy for a second Halloween. We tried to convince Finn to mix it up and wear something different (he wears that costume nearly daily) but he didn't want to and i didn't think it was worth fighting him on. Hurray for Halloween! We went to the ward trunk-or-treat where Brad and his friend Dave backed their cars up together and created a "haunted house" with a huge tarp, fog machine, strobe light, music, etc. It was awesome!

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