Tuesday, April 26, 2011

take a piece of my heart

We decided to clear some space in the garage and sell our baby bouncer and swing on CL. Actually, that statement is not completely accurate. It's more like I've been hanging on to these sentimental pieces knowing we need to get rid of them but sad to see them go because they have held all 4 kids. The swing especially has saved us on more than a few newborn nights! But Brad was like, "please get these things out of my garage, please." So I sold them. Some man came and took them both and just walked out like it was no big deal. He may as well have walked out with one of my babies! As soon as he left I was inexplicably sad and cried...like a baby. Brad was very compassionate and comforting and let me grieve. I just can't believe how quickly my babies are growing up!
Galla girl in the bouncer (about 2 months).
Galla wedged under the swing (6 months).
Little Ryken in the swing (1 month).
Ryken a little older in the swing (4 months).

Finn and Paisley also spent their fair-share of time in these seats, but I guess I never used them as photo-opps.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

free crawlin'

Ryken has been crawling for a little over a month now. He will temporarily enjoy the independence and indulge in activities such as pulling cans out of the pantry and ripping night lights out of sockets. And then I will hear his crying getting louder as he tracks me down to reclaim his preferred position as my "hip ornament" (like a hood ornament, get it?). C'est la vie with this cutie!