Monday, March 31, 2008

Kidless at the Coast

Mimi and Opa came to play for a week and gave Brad and I a chance to cruise over to Cannon Beach for a night. We had way too much fun walking on the beach, checking out the shops and perusing the galleries sans stroller. My favorite? The fresh salt water taffy--candy stores are way more fun without little grabby hands and greedy demands!

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Dreams Come True!"--Galla

Buckingham Palace, here I come! But do I need a bigger crown?The whole nine yards--she's a princess right down to her panties.One special cupcake for Galla and one for her little friend, Amber, who came to party with us.The green blobby one in the middle is a frog for Finn, made with love by Brad.

Galla is now three and as "princessed out" as can be! We've had non-stop celebrations and Galla has loved every sparkly-sweet moment. Brad and I thoroughly enjoyed decorating cupcakes while the kids napped . Maybe someday, when the kids are older, we'll include them in the fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Auntie Amy Visits

Brad went out of town from Thursday morning until Monday night, so my best friend since sixth grade, Amy, came to keep us company for a couple days. We mostly just did the run-of-the-mill mommy stuff (grocery shop, Target, hang around the house), but on Saturday afternoon we thought we'd treat the kids to a Chuck E. Cheese trip. I'm surprised we didn't see you all there because everyone else on this side of the Mississippi seemed to have the same idea. It was a madhouse! But we still had fun and the kids were happy to have a tummy full of pizza and trinkets bought with tickets.
Finn's new favorite toy is Amy's Blackberry. Here he is sending a text. Thanks for coming to play, Amy!

Meanwhile, Brad made great progress down in CA. He shadowed a bunch of Chiropractors and checked out a few towns (and enjoyed some down time in Turlock). Looks like the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area is where we'll be headed before the year is over!