Monday, November 23, 2009

boy or girl, girl or boy?!?

I have not been reserved about expressing my desire for this baby to be another boy and figured I'd jinxed myself. When I went in for an ultrasound last week I told the tech I really wanted a boy and that I'd slip her a $20 if she would see what she could do about it. Without a doubt, the little guy showed us the money! I was so excited, I might have let out a squeal or two.

With my other 3 I have been able to get a gut feeling and be right every time, but with this one I was way too worked up about wanting another boy that I couldn't get a clear instinct signal. Then I took that stinkin' Intelligender test at 12 weeks and it said girl--until Brad picked it up and then it changed to boy. But you are not supposed to disturb it, so technically my reading was girl. I just kept going back and forth in my head "boy or girl, girl or boy?" for a couple more weeks. Then I finally came to a point where I could honestly say that I would be happy with either. I love my girls and it would be awesome to have another. It was after I made peace with my mental gender debate that I finally felt confident that it was indeed a boy. Going in to the ultrasound I fully expected to have my suspicion confirmed and I was ecstatic when it was!

And so the score will be even. Girl-boy-girl-boy. Finn will have his little brother and some relief from the princesses by which he is surrounded.