Monday, June 15, 2009

i know, i can't believe it either!

Our sweet P hit the one year mark last Saturday!We celebrated Friday night by going to John's Incredible Pizza with Sesa and Pa (aka: my parents). It's like Chuck E. Cheese, but with less chuck and more awesomeness. We had a blast! Just look how excited Paisley is in this pic!She's not so sure what daddy got her into here.Brad, I mean, Finn can't get enough of this game!Um, did I mention the 1,145 tickets we scored? Mostly because of my skills on the "push the coin over the edge" game thingy, but Brad helped too. He's totally an addict as well, but he's still in the denial stage.Saturday we had the cake. I thought a butterfly would be fun for my petite Paisley. Galla enjoyed helping me decorate it, and by "help" I mean eating all the leftover candy.
She was all dainty about eating her wing. She got her face sufficiently smeared with frosting and then started dropping everything off of her tray.We might have finished off Paisley's birthday festivities by leaving her asleep with a babysitter and taking Galla and Finn to a Sacramento Rivercats baseball game. We went with some of our fun friends who also left their baby girl (just a few weeks older than Paisley) with the sitter we shared.We had such a good time (yes, that's gum going from Gal's mouth to sunglasses) and stayed all the way through the fireworks show at the end.

Paisley, you are the sweetest baby! I love your pats and excited squeals. I love your cuddles and how you still fall asleep on me in Relief Society. Your temperament is tender all the way through and we love you!

Man, time sure flies when you're having...babies.