Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a "blog"bardment

Ok, so remember that last post from OCTOBER about the blurb book deal and then I just left my blog hanging? Ya, well that blurb book voucher expires mid-February so I figured I needed to get my act together, get my blog updated (through 2010) and turn that blurb book into a reality. I've never done one before so if anyone has any advice, please share! In the meantime, here's an excessive amount of posts to skim through. These date back to last summer, but I think I covered the basics of what we've been up to and it feels good to be getting our family journal done. I know my kids will love looking at it![Sept 14] I love this picture of my cuties just chillin' at home!
[Oct 10] And here's another typical chillin' scene.
[Nov 8] When I saw this onesie at Target I just couldn't pass it up because when the kids are getting all the attention from grandmas or Brad's mom or me, Brad will often say, "I'm a big deal!" So you can see why I got a kick out of this.
[Nov 28] And nothing beats a good bathtub shot, right? It's looking a little cramped in there...

holly jolly

This picture was on the front of the postcard that Brad sent to all his patients for a season greeting. Santa is all set for chimney bounding and toy hefting!
The big man visited Galla's school winter concert and I was pleased to get all of my kids to pose with him and (pretty much) face the camera.

All cozy on Christmas Eve and in total anticipation!
First Christmas for little Ryken and he liked all that wrapping paper and ribbons!
This is playing Christmas morning, but the calm didn't last long because Christmas day we headed down to make the rounds to Mammaw's, Nanny and Pop's, and Sesa and Pa's houses and then back home all in one fast and festive-filled day! And then the real frenzy started because we packed up and moved (only about a 1/4 mile) on January 1st. Whew! Moving is a lot of work, but we are happy to be in a bigger home.

california international marathon

[December 5] I got to run in the California International Marathon which goes from Folsom (where we live) to the Capital Building in Sacramento. I think this is a pretty cool picture with the Capital Building in the background--even if my ears alone cover half the building! I ran a PR of 3:50:25 and had a great time, but my knees disagreed. Brad and the kids came to cheer me on and we all enjoyed pancakes at the finish line.

monster truck birthday

Finn turned four and we celebrated with a sweet monster truck cake! This kid is so my little man. He tries to act tough, but he gives me tons of hugs and kisses. Finn is super obedient and loves to help me (get my phone, throw away diapers, etc). He is also quite stubborn, so when we find something on which we disagree it's nearly impossible to convince him to cooporate (wear pants instead of shorts, eat his dinner, etc) no matter how much we bribe or threaten him! He is a man that sticks to his beliefs! He also loves to play outside and ride his scooter. Most mornings he has eaten breakfast (he demands cereal the second he wakes up) and gotten himself dressed (in basketball shorts and a t-shirt) and is going outback to play before the girls have even gotten off the couch! I love Finn and getting to know him more and more as he grows up.

count your many blessings

I'm grateful to have so many blessings and so many people with which to share them. For Thanksgiving we took a few days and made the rounds to visit some family.
We went to my parents' cabin for a couple days to play in the snow. It was so fun, but my kids enjoyed playing inside the cabin more than outside. Just when the sledding trail was getting good and packed down they were over it! We are grateful for warm clothes and heaters.
This is in front of my grandma's house. I love this picture because my siblings and I also used to play in the ginko leaves. We are grateful for bright yellow leaves.
We had a feast at Mammaw's house...
...and a feast at Nanny and Pop's house. We are grateful for delicious food and incredible family.
This is Brad's cousin Macy. We are grateful for cousins. And Galla is grateful for her monkey and lip gloss.
And, of course, I'm overflowing with gratitude for my amazing husband and four beautiful children. We are so blessed to be an eternal family and I love them so stinkin' much!

Monday, January 24, 2011

happy hallo"wings"

This was from Galla's school Fall Festival Carnival Autumn Celebration (or whatever PC title they gave it). I painted her scarecrow face and thought it turned out really cute--she was just thrilled to be wearing make-up!

The kids thought it was cool that they all had wings with their costumes (minus little Ryken--wings don't really go well in a stroller) and I made Galla's and Paisley's. The craigslist Buzz costume came in handy for a second Halloween. We tried to convince Finn to mix it up and wear something different (he wears that costume nearly daily) but he didn't want to and i didn't think it was worth fighting him on. Hurray for Halloween! We went to the ward trunk-or-treat where Brad and his friend Dave backed their cars up together and created a "haunted house" with a huge tarp, fog machine, strobe light, music, etc. It was awesome!

zittel's farm

[October 25] Brad was a parent volunteer for Galla's class fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch. They had a great time, but Brad seems to recall schoolbus seats being a little bigger before...Galla is the cutest little kindergartener!

I just have to add a little story here: Everyday when I take Galla to school I walk her to her classroom where the kids all line up and wait for their teacher to escort them in. We are usually one of the last ones in line because we will wait in the car 'til the last minute so I don't have to leave Finn, Paisley and Ryken alone for very long (trust me, it's a whole lot easier than dragging them all out and back--the car is always in close sight). So when we get there we walk past all the kids to get to the back of the line and every day I get a little taste of what it would be like to be a celebrity (or maybe a body gaurd to a celebrity) because all the kids are going, "Hi Galla!" "Galla! Hi!" "Galla, look at my skirt!" "Galla!" etc. She is so friendly and sweet and everybody loves her.

california girls

[October 2010] Once you party with us you'll be falling in love...oooooh oh oooooh...uh-oh! I LOVE my girls, but heaven help us...!

fireman finn

[October 15] We took a fieldtrip to the firehouse with a bunch of Finn's little boy friends. The firemen were all so very friendly and it was fun to watch the boys in awe of all the equiptment and, of course, the big truck! I love my boys!

baby grub

They look so cute sitting in these silly--yet very functional--chairs!
Here's Ryken (on October 14) all ready for his first taste of food!
The experience was a little anticlimactic. He never did really take a liking to the baby mush. He looks at me, looks at Brad, and makes it clear that "I'll have what she's having!"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

best brothers

From day one Finn and Ryken have taken a liking to each other. Finn always wants to hold him and make him laugh and Ryken thinks Finn is the funniest person ever! Finn is always very gentle and careful with him and Ryken has always liked when Finn comes around. Even from a tiny baby he has prefered Finn and seemed comfortable with him whereas with Galla and Paisley Ryken gets a little nervous for his safety (the girls are a little overly loving!). Finn has never been a fan of taking pictures until Ryken came along and now he regularly requests I take a picture of him with Ryken! I love seeing my sons together--it totally warms my heart!!May 17--so precious
May 19--I love the arms behind the head and the smirk
May 23--blessing day
June 4--Ryken "looking up to" Finn with their awesome Star Wars shirts
September 5--I love how handsome they look
October 24--"I'm gunna get you!"
October 27--sometimes I can't resist matching my little monsters
November 4--sooo cute!
December 1--I love these boys
August 7--I couldn't resist throwing in this great generations picture

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

summer lovin'

The summer is kinda a newborn blur to me now--you mamas know what I mean! We tried to have some fun for the kids but it can be hard to get around with a newbie. Behold, one of my favorite craigslist finds ever:
This Joovy big caboose triple stroller is awesome and makes getting around with 4 little ones...well...as easy as it can be to get out with 4 little ones! I know it's not that great of a picture but I love this stroller. It's pretty pricey to buy new but I found one on CL and the people had only used it once when they went to Disneyland so it was in great shape and I got a killer deal. This stroller actually weighs less than a Graco double stroller and pushes/steers surprisingly easily. I love it and the kids feel pretty cool on their limousine stroller.
We did a lot of chillin' in the backyard and the kids love to find the critters that live around here. This garter snake is fun to play with when he's foolish enough to get caught.

These little froggies (about the size of a penny) are so cute and there is an excessive amount of them hopping around our yard, so I don't mind sacrificing a few of them for the cause of a fun childhood for my kids. Galla, Finn and Paisley love to catch them and put them in buckets or make them little beds--how CUTE is this!!!

Some other fun things we did last summer:
In July we went to a Rivercats baseball game.
In August we celebrated Mammaw's birthday with her. That bowl of "popcorn" is actually her cake that I made her and the "popcorn" is marshmallows! Mam is well-known for the delicious popcorn she makes and puts in a green bowl just like the one I used for the cake (you can actually see her popcorn bowl on the table in the background). My kids always grab a handful or two (or ten) from that green bowl when we go to Mam's.
On Labor Day we went boating with Uncle Brad and his family. The kids loved being on the boat, swimming in the lake, eating all the snacks, and going on the raft. I love how Paisley and Finn's lifevests are up to their eyes!
The next weekend in September we went to the Barnum and Bailey circus with Mimi and Opa. It was so cool and some of those acts were quite impressive!
I love this totem pole picture of my boys!