Thursday, January 20, 2011

best brothers

From day one Finn and Ryken have taken a liking to each other. Finn always wants to hold him and make him laugh and Ryken thinks Finn is the funniest person ever! Finn is always very gentle and careful with him and Ryken has always liked when Finn comes around. Even from a tiny baby he has prefered Finn and seemed comfortable with him whereas with Galla and Paisley Ryken gets a little nervous for his safety (the girls are a little overly loving!). Finn has never been a fan of taking pictures until Ryken came along and now he regularly requests I take a picture of him with Ryken! I love seeing my sons together--it totally warms my heart!!May 17--so precious
May 19--I love the arms behind the head and the smirk
May 23--blessing day
June 4--Ryken "looking up to" Finn with their awesome Star Wars shirts
September 5--I love how handsome they look
October 24--"I'm gunna get you!"
October 27--sometimes I can't resist matching my little monsters
November 4--sooo cute!
December 1--I love these boys
August 7--I couldn't resist throwing in this great generations picture

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Jaime said...

I loved these pictures so much! They are great. So adorable.