Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuna Finn Sandwich

The other day for lunch Finn had his homemade pureed pears and apples. Then he saw his sister eating whole wheat macaroni noodles and wanted some of those. I gave him a handful and he quickly finished it off. Then he saw him mommy eating a tuna fish sandwhich and thought that looked good. I gave him a piece, positive he would spit it out. Instead he banged on his tray for more and ended up eating almost half the sandwich! He's a crazy good eater and such a good little boy. Poor Nemo in the bathtub, never had a chance....

Little Lovey

A post script to my last blog,this is my favorite picture of Galla.


We love our little Galla more than a monkey loves bananas, but boy is she a rascal (rasGal). Whenever she sees the camera come out, she goes running the other way! So we have very few good pictures of her, but I wanted to share a few of the best. This little girl keeps me on my toes. She's like a blog an hour, but I'll try to limit it to the highlights (plus, I don't have enough time to write about all her little stories). This morning I was still in my pajamas and feeding Finn when she put all her clothes on and her flip-flops, turned off the TV and lights and headed out the door announcing that we were going for a walk. I couldn't tell her no, so I put my shoes on and we were off. We're lucky to live in an apartment complex with many friends near, so we checked the mail and then stopped in to visit her friends Jace and Hyrum. On our way back home, she fell and skinned her knees--her first bloody knees. She cried the rest of the way home and said, "It kinda hurts." When she got home, she looked at her knees and said, "It's red, it's pretty!" She also got a Curious George bandaid out of the deal, so she wasn't too disappointed. But she didn't want to put the bandaid over her pretty red knee, so it went on her arm instead. All better!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brad's Lush Garden

Brad has two little plots of land that he's worked over with his green thumb. The fruits of his labor were a long time coming since we live in the not-so-hot Oregon climate, but we are finally enjoying some fresh from the vine veggies.

On The Blog Wagon

Brad, Maylin, Galla and Finn are hopping on the Blog Wagon! I've been inspired by all of my bloggin' friends. I've actually been blogging in my head for weeks now to the point that it's interfering with sleep, so it's time to let the blogs out!