Tuesday, January 25, 2011

monster truck birthday

Finn turned four and we celebrated with a sweet monster truck cake! This kid is so my little man. He tries to act tough, but he gives me tons of hugs and kisses. Finn is super obedient and loves to help me (get my phone, throw away diapers, etc). He is also quite stubborn, so when we find something on which we disagree it's nearly impossible to convince him to cooporate (wear pants instead of shorts, eat his dinner, etc) no matter how much we bribe or threaten him! He is a man that sticks to his beliefs! He also loves to play outside and ride his scooter. Most mornings he has eaten breakfast (he demands cereal the second he wakes up) and gotten himself dressed (in basketball shorts and a t-shirt) and is going outback to play before the girls have even gotten off the couch! I love Finn and getting to know him more and more as he grows up.

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