Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Aboard the Potty Train(ed)

I wasn't really planning on potty training Finn for a while, but, like, 2 months ago we were just chillin' around the house and I asked him if he wanted to wear some underwear. He readily agreed so we busted out the Thomas and Cars undies and slapped 'em on his cute little bum and he's been essentially accident-free ever since (at 2 years, 4 months old). I kept thinking I'd curse his progress if I posted about it, but I'm pretty confident now that there's no turning back from his "big boy" status. We put him to the ultimate "hold your urine challenge" when we opted for undies on the 7 hour drive to so-Cal we did last weekend (more on that trip later). I was nervous when he drank his full sippy cup twice each way, but no prob. Finn was fine with one scheduled pit stop each way and not even a "pull over to the side of the road pee." He is SUCH a good boy (in every way, not just potty training) and I don't even have to remind him to go.My little dude loves to play frisbee--like his daddy who is known to keep a frisbee convenient.Action shot (look out)!Brad didn't waste any time teaching him to pee in the bushes. A true boy. He loves it. I like the flower placement provided by the onlooking princess. She tried the bush-peeing once and Brad informed her that boys get to pee outside and girls get to wear dress-up, so pick one: pee or princess dress. No surprise which one she picked and she hasn't tried to pee outside since.

Funny Finn story:

So, I'm not an "I'm going to count to 3 and' to be 'in trouble'" (what does "in trouble" mean anyway?) kind of mom. In fact, I've never tried the counting technique...until tonight. Finn did not want to go to bed because he wanted to keep kicking the soccer ball with me. He's always so obedient, especially when it comes to bedtime, that I didn't really know how to get him from throwing a tantrum in the entryway to cozy in his bed. So I told him: "I'm going to count to 3 and if you're not in your room by 3, I'm going to put you in there and you won't get a story or a song!" This gets his attention so I cross my fingers and start counting. "One...twoooo...." and he says, "count to ten." I cracked up but kept counting all the way to 10. Reluctantly, he made it to bed and earned his story and song. He just needed a little more time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Project Bradley

Pardon my post, but I have to do a "Brad brag." On top of the endless energy he has been putting in to starting his Chiropractic business, he has been doing some pretty sweet stuff around the house. Checky, checky:Brad loves doing all the yard work and playing with his new lawn mower and weed wacker. And, of course, he had to plant a garden. This picture was taken a while ago right after the planting and already the bushes are much bigger. I promise the little plot does get a good amount of sun, I just took this pic at the wrong time of the day.We're giving the Topsy-Turvy a try. My mouth waters for those homegrown tomaters!With the kids playing out back so much, it was apparent that we needed a picnic table. I wanted one that is longer and seats more than the traditional little kid ones. No prob for handy Bradley--he popped this puppy out from scratch (not even a kit) in an afternoon, thanks to Finn's help! :)The finished product is awesome and I know you can't tell in the pic, but it seats 4 easy on each side. The kids loved it--until we sold it on Craigslist for 3x the cost of making it. But no worries, Brad has two more in the works.Speaking of Craigslist, it is the place for project starters. It's so fun to buy furniture wicked cheap and then refinish it. That's exactly what Brad did with this dresser. This guy is a really nice old solid piece, but we were undecided on how attached we were to the end product. So we decided to resell him and buy the following:I think you would agree that it was a good upgrade. I wish I had a "before" picture of this piece but we didn't think about taking one until it was all disassembled. I'm thinking about emailing the Craigslisters we bought it from and asking them to attach the pic they used for the post because this thing looks so different. When we went to check it out I almost didn't even want to get it because it was so ugly. But it was so cheap I thought we'd take a chance. After 3 trips to Lowe's for paint (I take credit for the color), we came up with this final product and I LOVE it! It's perfect.The drawers behind the doors.Ok, if you've made it this far reading my post you must care about me and/or Brad. And if you know Brad, you know that he's not your typical dude. From construction to cooking, he does it all. This particular project really sets him apart from the normal gardening and furniture refinishing I've been talking about. What you are looking at, friends, is the set-up Brad concocted for activating the 200 year old yeast culture from Italy that he bought. I'm not kidding. This thing was like a pet while he was getting it to activate. Brad would feed it and wash it and keep it at the right temperature (thus the inverted styrofoam cooler with the Christmas lights strand being pushed under slowly one bulb at a time while he kept an eye on the candy thermometer under there). Once activated, after nearly a week, he was able to make the most delicious sourdough bread and pizza crust. It is super tasty like on the pier in San Francisco style!Now the yeast lives dormant in our fridge. When Brad wants to use it, he takes it out and gets it to room temp to activate it (no complicated set-up required). He can continue to "feed" it and use it forever and plans to pass it down to our children and our children's children. :)

I love how fun life is with my Bradley. While his ideas never surprise me, they always amaze me.