Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Paisley turned 2 on June 13. At her 2 year check-up she was below average height and weight (I can't remember the numbers now and don't feel like digging them up) and top of the charts for head size. Add to that over-sized head some long wavy/curly out-of-control hair and those numbers quantify my belief that she resembles a bobble-head...but I mean that in the most adorable way possible! It's no wonder she's always complaining "I bonka head." She pronounces her name "pLaisley" and it is totally appropriate because she is extremely playful. Paisley also LOVES to color (especially circles--check out that original art above) and her favorite color is purple. She prefers a blank paper to a coloring page so all of our coloring books have her art work on the inside of the front and back covers that were blank. Brad brings home all of his scrap paper from the office and Paisley reuses them by coloring on the back. What else to say about Paisley? She is sassy to the extreme and really demands my attention. Whenever I pick her up from the gym play center or church nursery (at both places the teachers absolutely adore her) she wants to tell me all about what she did and if I'm not looking at her she will grab my face with her little hands and turn my head to look her straight in the eyes. She gets excited about everything and is always gasping and widening her eyes. Her little voice is as cute as it gets and Brad and I both enjoy impersonating it. She can talk up a storm and carry a tune--she always sings along when I sing her sleep-time lullaby. Whenever we say a prayer she wants to say one first and it pretty much always goes: "Heavenly Father. Thank you. Christ. Amen." Then she says: "Go ahead daddy/mama/Galla/Finn." She loves shoes and will wear everyone's (including Brad's) and when it's time to go somewhere she will go get everyone's shoes and bring them to them saying: "here ya go!" She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and is the most cuddly of my kids. Paisley is completely packed with personality and I love her to pieces.