Saturday, October 17, 2009

one for the galla, two for the finn, three to get paisley and four...

...due five-five-ten! Yup, that's right, cinco de Mayo. I'm nearly 12 weeks along and annoyingly nauseous. But we're excited for number four! I can't believe that we actually waited this long to spill the beans. With the other 3 I couldn't wait and told everyone at, like, 5 1/2 weeks. But I always thought girls were so cool when they could keep it under wraps 'til around week 12, so I wanted to give it a try. It was fun having it be a little secret between Brad and me for a while. I even straight lied to my sis-in-law and told her I had my period--sorry, Steph! So, here's to the new babe and the end of the first trimester!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

allow me to "summer"-ize

These are some pictures to summarize our summer. Not much explanation needed. Most of them our just in our backyard but to me they convey the joys of childhood. I wish I could still run around in my underwear eating popsicles!LOVE this picture--so classic!My sweet girls in their matching summer dresses.This bad boy is our garden guard! I was the lucky one to discover him, but Brad is definitely the one holding him up to meet the kids. I have mixed feelings about him. I appreciate the work he puts into keeping our garden critter-free, but I think I'll keep my distance.Hi Paisley!Finn riding his trike.And when Finn gets tired of riding his own, he hitches a ride on Galla's!Splashin' in the little Wal-Mart pool--which is bigger than you think when you are trying to transport it home.Paisley was endlessly entertained by the, like, 2 inch slide.Sayonara summer. We look forward to your sweet heat next year!