Tuesday, January 25, 2011

holly jolly

This picture was on the front of the postcard that Brad sent to all his patients for a season greeting. Santa is all set for chimney bounding and toy hefting!
The big man visited Galla's school winter concert and I was pleased to get all of my kids to pose with him and (pretty much) face the camera.

All cozy on Christmas Eve and in total anticipation!
First Christmas for little Ryken and he liked all that wrapping paper and ribbons!
This is playing Christmas morning, but the calm didn't last long because Christmas day we headed down to make the rounds to Mammaw's, Nanny and Pop's, and Sesa and Pa's houses and then back home all in one fast and festive-filled day! And then the real frenzy started because we packed up and moved (only about a 1/4 mile) on January 1st. Whew! Moving is a lot of work, but we are happy to be in a bigger home.

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Robin said...

I love "all of em' "! Every picture, story and adventure. Love Brad's smile! Your toes! and the action of Galla, Finn, Paisley and Ryken