Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 Months 4Ever

Paisley turned 4 months yesterday! She had her 4 month check-up complete with 4 shots (and an oral vaccine). She measures at 12 lbs 8 oz (16%) and 24.5" (45%). I wish she could stay 4 months old forever! Paisley is the perfect baby. She sleeps all night and smiles all day. She is young enough to be my "little baby," but old enough to interact. Young enough to put her on the floor and she stays put, but old enough to support her head well so I can carry her on my hip (I can do ANYTHING with one hand). Paisley is so patient and spends most of the day lounging on her blankie doing all kinds of cooing and talking. She is VERY talkative! She loves to smile and it's easy to get her giggling. She is easy-going to the extreme and rarely puts up a fuss over anything less than being stepped on by a sibling. Thanks for being an angel baby. You are LOVED!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Patient Like Unto a Dish

Typically I'm the type that cannot relax until the house is clean. Once the kids are in bed, I go into "tidy mode" and whirlwind around getting everything in place before I can think about doing anything else. Very rarely do I go to bed with any dishes in the sink. Last night was one of those nights. With Brad out of town (he took Finn with him to Ohio), yesterday was crazy running around preparing for the ward party that I was in charge of (with my friend, Christy). Galla and Paisley both really wanted my attention but were troopers as we ran errands, cooked, set-up, orchestrated, and cleaned up for the party (which was a success, I might add). When we finally got home way past bedtime, I put my little lovies to bed and crashed myself. Yes, with sauce-stained dishes in the sink (and on the stove and on the counter). Also, when we got up this morning there was not time to take care of the dishes before church. And when we got home, wouldn't you know it, those dishes hadn't budged a bit. Funny how that works. As I stared at those dishes waiting patiently to be washed, I thought I could take a lesson from them. Daily I pray for patience with my children. As a SAHM, I struggle with keeping my cool when I repeat the same demands multiple times a day: "don't throw your milk," "keep the door open," "don't put your fingers in Paisley's mouth"--you get the idea. I know that being more patient would make me a better mom. If only I could be more like a dirty dish.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prima Ballerina

Galla began her first dance class a few weeks ago, a little ballet/tap combo. She very much loves to twirl. Finn also likes to get in on the action, as the video below shows. I think Finn is better at following along with Teacher Lisa, but Galla is quickly catching on. She highly prefers her black leotard and skirt even over her pink one or the princess one! I suggested she wear the pink leg-warmers to brighten up the ensemble. Plus, how freakin' funny are those little leg-warmers? I hope her black preference isn't an early indicator of a future Goth style. But I have to admit, the black makes her look rather sophisticated. Dance on, little love!