Saturday, March 19, 2011

interesting article

[Feb 22, 2011 Jelly Belly Factory]

My MIL sent me this link a while back (so maybe many of you have already seen this) but I thought it was an interesting read. We are a pretty peculiar people...and I for one am proud of it!

I do have a very good life. And another thing that I was thinking about that's semi-related: The Bachelor. Yes, I watch it and so does Brad most weeks. But I realized that I am so blessed to have what they are looking for! To be in love with and married to an amazing man, beautiful kids, a happily predictable's not what the world pretends to seek, but in the end most do want something similar. So I married younger than most and had 4 kids by the age of 28. Crazy? Yes. Would I change any of it? No. The way I see it, I just got a jump start on the good part of life!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sweet six

The "teen" part will be coming after that six soon enough! For now, we're still doing the princess parties. This year our girly Galla wanted a "Beauty and the Beast" theme.
I made each of the girls their own necklace with their name on it and a little red crystal to represent the rose.

And of course a red rose cake! I was a little nervous to make it, but it turned out pretty well and was actually easier than I expected.
Brad tried his hand at cake making last weekend when we went down to Turlock to spend time with grandparents and Ryan, Steph, Conner, and Addi.
His cake also turned out good...if your definition of good is that it made the birthday girl happy!
We had fun hanging with the fam and it was so good to see everybody!!

I can't believe my baby girl is six! I'm so proud of our Galla. She is really becoming a lovely little lady. She has learned so much at kindergarten this year and is reading and writing like a champ. I volunteered in her class on her birthday so I got to be there when she handed out the cupcakes we brought. She was so gracious as she gave them to each friend and when the friend would say thank you and happy birthday she was putting her little hand on her chest and saying thank you and even doing a little curtsy-type move! She is kind and sweet and also playful and spunky! Galla is very smart and observant and does not miss a thing. She is totally organized and loves to decorate. I love holding her hand because it is so soft and dainty. I'm so happy that I get to be her mama and look forward to continuing to watch her grow. We love you Gal-friend!

valentine treats

Galla brought 32 of these "flowers" for her "friendship party" at school. Must be sure to be PC.

And we made a bunch of cake balls to share with neighbors and to give to the wonderful ladies that work at the play center at the gym. I really should take some pictures and blog about the gym because we go there just about every day!

So we got our Blurb book done thanks to some long nights of page laying out by Brad and an extension on our Jasmere credit from Blurb. It turned out great and it's so fun to have! It has renewed my motivation to blog regularly because I love it as our family journal. And it's always great to keep in touch with friends!

princess pee

I don't remember if I ever mentioned it on my blog, but we moved (only about 1/4 mile to a bigger house) in January. With so much commotion and stuff going on I wasn't planning to potty train Paisley 'til a little later. But she must have found the new commode to be more comfortable because soon after moving she pretty much potty trained herself! She has had very few accidents and looks so cute running around in her tinkerbell panties. It's great to have only one kid in diapers!