Tuesday, May 24, 2011

no fall finn

It has been on my mind lately that much too often I hold my kids back. I find it easier/quicker/cleaner to just do things myself when my kids are completely capable. Not to mention the fact that I'm admittedly in denial about how quickly they are growing up--can't I just keep my babies safely tucked under my wing forever?! So I shouldn't have been surprised last Saturday when Brad took Finn's training wheels off and he just popped right up and rode circles around us. First shot, no falls! He is such a stud and now loves riding his bike even more than before--if that's possible.
Galla was a little less eager to learn, but I'm sure she'll come around soon. She is so independent and desirous to do things and I need to let her. And how cute is little Paisley back there on her trike?


Robin said...

YAYYYYYYY FINN !! You are the most amazing two wheeler bike rider! You are totally cool!

Pieces of me... said...

Go Finn!!! I completely understand the feeling of hesitancy to let our little ones grow up and do things on their own... they always tend to amaze us!