Thursday, June 9, 2011

[May 26] sad day

We started the day with an 8:30 am kindergarten graduation ceremony for Galla. These were her teachers: Mrs. Guillen and Mrs. Kunstel. They were quite possibly the best pair of kindergarten teachers imaginable! These ladies are amazing and I can't say enough good things about them, but I swear they were trying to make all the moms cry that morning by having the kids sing sentimental songs about growing up and moving on and such! It was hard, but I stayed strong.
While we're talking about Galla's kindergarten experience, I wanted to throw in this pic of her at the school's jog-a-thon in April. I went to cheer her on and she did me proud! They weren't keeping a tally of laps, but I'm sure Galla out-ran every girl and all but a couple boys there. I took a few laps with her and she was speedy and determined--I had to explain to her the concept of pacing herself when she was complaining of a feeling like a "crab pinching my side."

Ok, back to our sad day. So after the graduation we headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for the day. We had packed up all kinds of snacks and spare clothes and we were all stoked for a long day of play at the awesome amusement park. We were about 10 miles down the freeway when we got a flat tire. Brad calmly pulled off and parked at a gas station to change the tire. We all piled out and watched daddy skillfully get the dirty job done. The thought crossed my mind to take a picture of the completely flat tire and its intruding nail, but I was busy playing and picking flowers with the kids.

In not too long, we were back on the road and still in high spirits, headed toward the prospect of a super fun day at Six Flags. The kids watch their movie and eat peanut butter sandwiches and soon we are there! The problem comes when we realize we are the only people there...there's a sign blocking the parking lot saying the park is closed for the day. SAD!! The kids are let down, but Brad and I are devastated--we were so looking forward to going! Now what should we do? We sat there lamenting and brainstorming. We have a whole day to kill! We decided on a very sub-par substitution for Six Flags: Fairytale Town (it's next to the Sacramento Zoo). So here's how the day turned out:

So I guess it was ok. It is a magical place for kids, but Brad and I complained to each other of being bored! But so long as the kids had fun our day was a success after all. I do wish I'd taken a picture of the flat tire and the closed sign because they would've really added to this post. Now we know that Six Flags is open daily (it was only open on weekends) starting the day after we tried to go! We'll make it there eventually.


Marisa said...

We have season passes to 6 flags and so do Josh and Rachel and their kids. Call us next time you go; it would be fun to have some fun adults to hang out with there!

ali said...

wow! you guys are so adventurous!

Jenn said...

What a day! I didn't know it wasn't open every day either. At least you got a good story out of it.

Pieces of me... said...

What a bummer! Looks like you guys had a blast anyway :) Sometimes there are detours in life to bring in creativity and different adventures!!