Monday, May 2, 2011

close call

Last weekend we had a near collision of fairytale characters! So, of course we had Easter complete with several celebrations during the proceeding week.
I never got a really good picture, but these were their Easter outfits (the headbands were Galla's creative contribution).
We went to an egg hunt at our gym. It was so sunny! I finally gave up asking them to put their hands down and smile for the camera and snapped this silly shot.
Gotta love licking melted chocolate from inside the plastic eggs. Like I said, it was sunny!

We had a really fun hunt and lunch with some friends from our ward.
And a good old-fashioned backyard search after church.
Ryken found his own fun. No, it's not chocolate--even better to a little's mud! Yum!
Here's where the close call came in: Easter morn Galla lost her first tooth! What was I just saying about my babies growing up too quickly? I told Galla I was kinda sad because that means she's getting big. I also told her that the Tooth Fairy comes and takes your tooth and leaves you money to save for college. She then walks into the other room and tells Brad, "Dad, Mom's going to cry when I go to college." She has no idea!
So the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy missed each other by one night. And this is what that crafty little fairy left under Gal's pillow. Galla loved it and is already working on losing tooth #2!


Marisa said...

Very crafty Tooth Fairy indeed! Cute Easter dresses; I'm assuming you made them?

Molly Houx said...

Man your kids are growing up well!

Jaime said...

What the heck? That is not the same tooth fairy I had. Though, mine did always leave fairy dust behind, so I can't complain. Also. I want your kid's clothes when they grow out of them.