Wednesday, June 15, 2011

paisley pie

Miss Paisley turned 3!
This sweet little muffin is so artistic and loves to paint. She takes it very seriously. When she was painting this canvas I came over to talk to her. At first I was whispering and saying, like, "oh, that looks so pretty." Then I started talking at regular volume to her and she immediately hushed me--she was trying to concentrate!
She drags her magna doodle around with her like a pet, taking it everywhere from in the car to bed. Brad and I agree it is the best toy we ever bought, and since the screen was getting pretty gray...
...we decided she needed a new one. She was so happy!
My parents came to celebrate and we went to John's Incredible Pizza. I crack up at this "I'm eating pizza and watching cartoons" daze they are in.

We rode some rides and played some games and had a great time.
Even little man loved it!

I made her a Rapunzel tower cake because:
A. We love that movie.
B. Paisley's long, pretty hair reminds me of Rapunzel's.
C. Paisley likes to sing that song from Tangled when I brush her hair.
It would be nice if, like in Tangled, Paisley's hair had special power to keep me young forever, but even more so I wish it had power to keep her young forever! I'm kinda glad I don't have the option of freezing Paisley in time just the way she is because it would be very tempting...but probably not so good for her progression. I just LOVE her squishy little body and sing-song little voice and sweet personality so much and wish she could be my little girl forever! These are such precious days when a bandaid and a cuddle can solve most anything.


Dani said...

3?! How can that be?! She sure is a doll. I love how all of your kids have the same exact look! And cute cake, as always.

Pieces of me... said...

What a cutie! You have an artist in the making! :) I love that last picture of you and her, its just the sweetest thing. And I am completely in agreeance with you, it WOULD be so tempting to have such power! They grow up way to fast

Tara said...

I love that picture of you and her. I totally understand how you feel. We are super heros to them now and things are so simple and exciting. I pray I can handle these sweet little boys as teenagers.

Happy Birthday Princess!