Friday, March 23, 2012

high 5 finn!

I love ringing in December with my boy Finn's birthday! He hit the high 5 and we celebrated with a Lego themed party. My Finn has a solid body and a smart brain. He is always thinking and asking questions and explaining things in his own "Finn philosophy." You can tell his mind is always ticking! Finn loves to play outside and ride his bike, at which he is awesome. He can be stubborn and hard to crack, but on the inside he's super sweet and loving and very considerate. He gives me lots of hugs and is getting so big he can nearly pick me up! He loves to wrestle with dad and puts up a good fight. We love Finn so much and I'm so happy to be his mama!

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Pieces of me... said...

I Love those Lego cakes! Happy birthday Mr. Finn! :)