Sunday, November 20, 2011


We had a fun Halloween season! This was at a great party hosted by some friends.
Dorothy and Rapunzel! Costumes compliments of Brad's mom's friend, Debbie. She is an awesome seamstress and whipped up both of these costumes from scratch. They are amazing! The detail on the Rapunzel costume is incredible and it has so many is heavy! Thank you so much, Debbie, we LOVE them!
How perfect is this picture? Follow the red brick road....
My gorgeous girls :)

And my fearless Captain America with his cheeseburger sidekick!
This is where the title of my post came from. My kids were all crying and ornery when we first tried to take pictures in their costumes. How is it possible to be so sad with promises of tons of candy coming?! (Click on this picture to see the poutiest princess)
But we finally got them to smile...
...and I think they enjoyed...
...the "fruits" of their labor.
Here is the wreath I made from an old pool noodle and scraps of fabric I had.
Here is Brad's spectacular pirate pumpkin!

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Dani said...

Loved the update on your adorable family!