Tuesday, September 28, 2010

you've got to pick a project or two

(that title is supposed to be a play on words to an Oliver! reference)

In an attempt to act like I have a life beyond my cute kids, I like to experiment with all kinds of crafts. Sure, crayons and glue sticks are for kid crafts during the day, but these projects I definitely do while the helpful little hands are asleep! In the past month or two I've done a project in all kinds of categories. I'd like to show you:

Home decor:
I picked up these dinner plates (about 13") at Ikea and decorated them with silhouettes of my kids. Sorry the picture isn't so good/detailed, but they are being displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets and I didn't feel like pulling them down for a picture and putting them back up. They look better in person!


These car seat canopies are for my friend and her friend. She picked out the fabric and gave it to me to sew. They turned out really well, but I'd like to expand my sewing skills beyond (relatively) straight lines. Someday I'll take a class....

These ghost cupcakes use cake balls and marshmallow fondant, which is so easy to make and super fun to use. It's like finally play-doh you can actually eat!

(Doll)house wallpapering:
After! This dollhouse hangs out in our front room and I got tired of looking at those ugly yellow walls. Nothing a little scrapbook paper and mod podge can't fix!

Jewelry making:
I admired all those mother's necklaces on etsy for so long and was going to order one until Brad suggested I just make it. So I got some tools and supplies, watched an online demo, and then started hammering away! I love it and wear it almost everyday. The kids like to play with it and find their name. I've got some more pieces in the works including coordinating necklaces for each kid, a runner ID bracelet for me, and a Mimi necklace for Brad's mom (don't worry, Robin, I haven't forgotten). :)

See, (I tell myself) I'm good at more than just diaper duty!


Jenn said...

How did you get silhouettes of the kids? I would love to try that.

Marisa said...

Solid work, Maylin. I don't know what it is about projects like these, but don't you just feel so good when they turn out how you want them to? Something is so satisfying about that.

Jessie O said...

You're a mom godess!

Dani said...

I love crafting!!! Why don't we live next to each other?! It is so satisfying. I'll totally order a necklace from you. How much?

Robin McCleskey Falke said...

Not only are all of your projects perfect and quality, but you finished them and they are cool enough to be out and usable !! All my projects are still sitting in the project attic ... waiting to be started!!

Melanie said...

So fun and cute! Your talents are endless. It is amazing how much more you do than diaper duty! I love the plates, how did you do the silhouettes, I am very interested in that project.

PS Wish we could sew together, you underestimate yourself, you can do way more thn straight lines.

Marisa said...

Duh! How could I forget cute little Ryken?? And Jake and Ryan, too. I'll add them to the list. :)