Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ryken roll

A few days after turning 4 months Ryken started to roll! He is growing as fast as he can to catch up to his siblings. At his 4 month check-up he was about: 10% for weight, 90% for height, 10% for head size and I suspect if there were a measure for it, he'd be 90% for ear size! He is so cute and so sweet and I love him to pieces. When he got all his shots he just let out a little wimper and then blew raspberries at the nurse--so brave! In honor of my brave little boy I thought I'd take a short walk down memory lane with some pictures that never got posted. It's easily apparent how precious he is!
The first official roll on September 8.
Swinging at 4 months.
Lounging at 3 months.
Smiling at 2 1/2 months.
Also 2 1/2 months.
Smiling for Mammaw at 2 months.
Almost 2 months.
So serious at 1 month!
Sweet little sleep smile at 1 month.

Please don't get any bigger. Stay my little baby forever.


Trujillo family said...

What a champ! He is adorable! I can't believe he is already 4 months! Parker goes in for his 4 month today! I am like you and need to update the last 4 months of Parkers life! Hopefully I will have time soon!!

Amy said...

Is it just me or does he look a lot like Finn?? Wow, he is a doll. Good job roller-boy!

Dani said...

He is such a handsome little guy! Thanks for posting pics of the cuteness. He definitely has the Falke stamp.

simplydesigning.blogspot.com said...

Ack! He is sooo cute! And sooo big! It's just not fair how quickly they grow!

Pieces of me... said...

Oh my goodness!! This kid of yours is precious! I love little babies, and there's no denying it, Ryken is a cutie!

Robin McCleskey Falke said...

Ryken has a big piece of Mimi's heart! He is sooo cute and fun to hang around!

Marisa said...

Maylin, he is ADORABLE. And I love his ears! I always got teased by my siblings for my ears because they stick out kind of funny, but I never really cared... our baby will probably get them too! And I will be proud.

Melanie said...

Oh man, he is so stinking cute! I'm so glad he is a good and happy baby for you. Miss you guys!

The Woolner Family said...

I hate how they grow up so fast. He's so darling.