Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tio Joe

My brother, fondly referred to as "Tio Joe," came for a visit last week! We don't get to see him often since he's busy being famous--performing on Broadway all the way across the country in NYC--so it's a real treat when he comes. This guy is the ultimate entertainer! From Broadway stage to backyard playhouse, permed old ladies to playful little kids, he really knows how to thrill an audience. My kids can't get enough of this character and it's so fun to watch them all play together. But he's definitely a night owl, so it's after the kids go to bed that act 2 starts and he and I get seriously silly! I'd also like to mention that, beyond performing talents, he's just an all-around awesome guy. Thanks for coming, Tio Joe, WE LOVE YOU!!


Marisa said...

Is this the brother who plays Boq? So cool.

Ann-Marie said...

Yeah for brothers!! I have heard so much about your bro that it was great to finally see his face. Glad you were able to play - I know how much you miss him!
Love ya, Bean

Pieces of me... said...

How fun! What a treat to have your bro to come visit. :)

Trishelle said...

It's awesome that you guys got to hang out with him! I'll bet he adores you guys just as much!

It's good to hear you two got to have some time together too! That can be hard to do as you get older...but awesome when you get the chance!