Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 years, 4 moves, and 3 kids later...

It has been 5 busy years of marriage for Brad and I! This is a picture of us in front of our tiny first apartment at BYU when we had no idea what was in store for us. From Utah we moved to Hawaii, then Ohio, then Connecticut, then Oregon. We had Galla in March '05, Finn in December '06, and Paisley in June '08. We've kept life full of action and fun!

This morning (after Brad let me sleep in) I surprised Brad with an anniversary activity. We both like to workout, but rarely get to do it outside together because of the kids. So I arranged to have our good friend Christy watch the kids while we went for a jog. The "little loop" that I wanted to do ended up being 7.65 miles long! We had a great time talking and enjoying some time together, though we will be sore tomorrow. I am a lucky lady and I love my life with Brad. Thanks, honey, and happy 5 years!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tio Joe

My awesome brother, Joseph (aka Tio Joe), came to visit last weekend! This boy is unbelievably intelligent, funny, and talented in singing, dancing, acting, and just about everything else. I love him and I love to brag about him because it's easy to do! He has been in theater since he was six and on Broadway at eleven. Recently he has been doing "Wicked" in Chicago. His request in coming to Portland was that we do outside activities and soak in some nature because the day after he left here, he started rehearsals in NYC for "Grease" on Broadway! He just got cast and we are so stoked for him! Who wants to take a trip to Manhattan to see him? I do!
On Saturday we went to the Saturday Market and Multnomah Falls. I like this picture of Brad and me because, excuse me, look at our kids in the background playing with a strange dog while we smile for the camera!
This is a better picture of the whole family.
Sunday we went to church and The Grotto--a 62 acre Catholic Shrine and botanical garden. Sunday night our lungs were full of fresh air and our cheeks were sore from laughing as we sent Tio Joe back to the Big Apple. Thanks for coming, Joseph, we love you. Go grease lightening!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Be 'Burbin'

Since we'd out-grown our beloved little Camry, we thought we'd take our car upgrade to the extreme and bought this beast from Brad's uncle. We flew down to California and drove this 2005 Chevy Suburban Z71 back. It is a sweet ride, fully stacked and he gave us a great deal. The kids love cruisin' in the "big car" and I have to admit that I expected to like it, but I like it more than I expected! It's nice to know that if we ever get a pet elephant we'll be able to transport him to his vet appointments. I think we'll name him "Peanut."

Other California Events

We did so many things in California but I don't have all the pictures--I need to get them from my mom and mom-in-law! Here's what I do have:
Farmer Finn! He loved playing on this big 'ol tractor at the fair. He looks like he knows what he's doing!
Pink and pure sugar? Cotton candy is right up Galla's alley!
I'm not sure which Finn got more satisfaction out of: eating it or the mess it made.
All tuckered out in Mammaw's lap (Brad's grandma). Rarely will Galla fall asleep anywhere but in her bed, but I guess we wore her out. We actually kept it a secret from Mammaw that we were coming. When we got into town, we sent Galla in to Mam's house by herself. She ran into the kitchen (looking for a treat, no doubt--and it's where Mammaw is always hanging out) and said, "surprise!" Mam was very surprised and very happy!
Other fun things that I need to get the pictures from: swimming at Sesa and Pa's, dancing at Nanny's, and playing in Mammaw's backyard.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blessing Paisley

We went to California last weekend and blessed Paisley in Brad's home ward. Despite the 8:30 starting time for Sacrament meeting, we were all on time and happy to be surrounded by both of our families. My mom made her dress and it was quite impressive and absolutely perfect (and thank you, Dani, for the headband). Brad gave Paisley a beautiful blessing--it's such a special thing to hear your husband pray for your newborn little person. Then we enjoyed a Sunday full of family and food! More to come on our California trip....