Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tio Joe

My awesome brother, Joseph (aka Tio Joe), came to visit last weekend! This boy is unbelievably intelligent, funny, and talented in singing, dancing, acting, and just about everything else. I love him and I love to brag about him because it's easy to do! He has been in theater since he was six and on Broadway at eleven. Recently he has been doing "Wicked" in Chicago. His request in coming to Portland was that we do outside activities and soak in some nature because the day after he left here, he started rehearsals in NYC for "Grease" on Broadway! He just got cast and we are so stoked for him! Who wants to take a trip to Manhattan to see him? I do!
On Saturday we went to the Saturday Market and Multnomah Falls. I like this picture of Brad and me because, excuse me, look at our kids in the background playing with a strange dog while we smile for the camera!
This is a better picture of the whole family.
Sunday we went to church and The Grotto--a 62 acre Catholic Shrine and botanical garden. Sunday night our lungs were full of fresh air and our cheeks were sore from laughing as we sent Tio Joe back to the Big Apple. Thanks for coming, Joseph, we love you. Go grease lightening!


Bart's Rebecca said...

Wow, That's AWESOME! I remember you bragging about him in college. I will TOTALLY go with you to broadway to see him! Te he he!

I love the random dog. With Addison, it's strange bugs that she plays with.

Murphy's said...

He looks so good! I am definately down for a trip to NYC lets get SuE and we can all have a girls weekend! :)

Robin said...

Thankful you have your Tio Joe brother to love !!! Great pictures. Go Galla and Finn... play with those puppies. And, of course I will go to NYC with you. Maybe we should all just donate $20.00 to your travel funds so you can go see him.
love you all so much and a lot : )

Jessica said...

You bro looks really cool! Thats so nice to have a good relationship with your siblings!

The Dierlams said...

Hey friend! Gracie was born at 36 weeks and 6 days, so she was pretty much almost full term. She's doing fantastic and will be home a few days probably. Meanwhile, we will be in Cali for Christmas, so we will definitely see you there (I think. When are you moving?) and I am constantly talking to people about how beautiful your children are!