Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snow White and the "Dorp"

Seems the Cinderella dress has been out-grown so Mimi granted Galla's wish for the Snow White dress. It's really quite cute--I like the bow headband. Galla says Snow White and the "Dorps" and likes to play pretend with Finn.
"Hey! Who you callin' a Dorp?!"


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what cute children... you have three children. wow! how's that going?

Amy said...

Galla looks so gosh darn cute in that dress!

Kirstin said...

How Cute! I think Dorp is more appropriate anyway!

Dani said...

I can just see Galla making sure her Dorp is taking care of her. What a riot she is! And that headband is intense! I love it!

Robin said...

My Galla and Finn make me laugh!!! They are such cuties!!! Little mini Maylin and mini Bradley
loves to you all !!!

Trishelle said...

Holly and I were watching Snow White yesterday. I had just read your post and it kept making me laugh.

The expression on Finn's face is priceless!