Monday, September 22, 2008

Ready for Aerobics

I think Paisley looks so cute in this headband--it cracks me up! She was wearing it the other day when she fell asleep in her carseat. When she woke up, it had fallen down over her eyes, making a great sleep eye mask.

As far as the sweatband for aerobics is concerned, I'm sure there are plenty of chubby-thighed babies out there that would love to get in on that class. "OK, ladies, on your backs. Knees to chest and pump, pump, pump, 5 more! Pump, pump, pump, looking good! Pump and pump! Now roll to your right, onto your stomach. Let's tone that baby-soft tush!..."


Amy said...

Oh, I am SOOOOO happy you put up another picture of Paisley! Keep them coming! She's darling!

Kirstin said...

Doesn't hurt to start 'em early! She could teach a baby aerobics class!

Jessyquita said...

haha cute! She is getting so big! Soon she will be doing aerobics!
how are you May? Hope you've been taking time for yourself!!

Robin said...

Another Princess for Mimi to adore!!! She is so sweet!

Miche said...

She is getting so big! Your kids are so cute! I can't believe Finn either. He was just a baby last time I saw him! WOW! You guys are down to the last quarter! How exciting!

The Bells said...

Maylin - your fam is seriously darling. You and Brad are an inspiration! Skyler and I are coming up on five years and I would be hitch-hiking after the first 2 miles of an anniversary jog. Hope all is well.


PS- My daughter is 10 months and I wish she would leave her headbands on- enjoy it while it lasts.