Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Trouts Playgroup

Last Wednesday marked the ending of an era. Since we moved to Oregon (almost 2 years ago) we've had Little Trouts Playgroup every Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9-11. For the past year I have been one of the "teachers" in charge of coordinating playgroup to include circle time, snack time, an activity and a craft. In exchange for my efforts, I earned $100 a month off of our rent. The reduced rent has been great, but it seems like a low price for selling my sanity. So, for several reasons we've decided to take a break for the summer and see what happens with starting up again in the fall. We'll miss seeing our friends every Monday and Wednesday mornings, but we'll still get together often under sunnier circumstances (you fellow playgroupers know what I mean)!


julieeee said...

hello, you have been nominated for a family tag. please see the riley page for details

Dani said...

Yes... we do know what you mean. We will definitely still have to have our own playgroup. It will be much more fun without all the drama from the office and other random kids that would come.

The Woolner Family said...

They owe you way more than $100 a month. Seriously--that's an awesome service.