Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogger's Block

It seems I've had some blogger's block these past few weeks. We've just been doing the same 'ol stuff and it's all mostly a blur. I'm 36 weeks along and I think time is speeding up as I continue to be comfortable and somewhat in denial about the coming events. Before Baby Girl arrives I'm trying to get a few things done like organizing pictures, sewing baby blankets and, of course, reading the Twilight series. But I am excited to add to my collection of cuties. I mean, seriously, just look at these kids:
Galla continues to cling to her princess paraphernalia and enjoys playing with her "pretties," moving them from one purse to another. She assigns all of us to our Disney character of the day. I'm usually either Snow White or Elastigirl (from The Incredibles), Brad is Prince Charming or Buzz Lightyear and Finn is always Jack-Jack (the baby in The Incredibles).
Finn loves to ham it up for the camera! He's so playful and just a funny little guy. His vocabulary is really starting to increase and I'm hoping that translates into a decrease in the tantrums that he has mastered. But usually he's content laying on the kitchen floor pushing toy cars around.
As much as she would like to, we don't actually let her wear those shoes to church.Here's Finn's sly half-smile. So handsome!


Jaime said...

YOUR COLLECTION OF CUTIERS ARE SOOO CUTE! I will have to come visit sometime. Love you.

The Prigmore Family said...

Beautiful Beautiful babies. Finn's got the lady killer thing down. Love it.

Trev and Ang said...

Wow those kids sure do know how to bust out their cuteness for the camera!! Love these pics!

Jeffrey said...

Hello Falke family! You are all looking fantastic and Sarah and I wish you the best with your up-and-coming miracle. Be well and hope to talk to you soon - Jeffrey and Sarah D.

eric said...

i think Finn and I are going to be tight (like unto a dish) when he's older. Maybe we'll be fishing buddies or something. Or in a band together. Anyway, that hot half smile gave me a glimpse of the future.

Jessyquita said...

Blogger's block eh!! well good thing you finally posted something! I was having withdrawals LOL
I LOVE all those beautiful photos of Galla and Finn :)