Monday, October 22, 2007

Sneaky Mac and Cheese

With the depressingly cold weather and rain that we've been having, I thought it would be a good idea to make a classic comfort food last night...some yummy mac and cheese. Galla loved it and Finn was eating it faster than I could get it to him, making me a happy mommy! At one point I got up from the table to refill Finn's tray and Brad started to eat off my plate. Galla immediately tattled on her dear daddy and dutifully reported to me that he was eating my food. Now, you have to understand that Galla is a "good little monkey and always very curious" like the way her good friend George is described. Brad and I try to encourage her exploring but are always telling her to not be sneaky (taking things she knows she's not supposed to have and the such). So when Galla told me that daddy was eating my food, I said, "He is?" and she said, "Yes. He's being sneaky!" Pretty funny! We were glad to know that she knows what we mean when we tell her that. Maybe you should set a better example, Brad! :) Here's the recipe:

Sneaky Mac and Cheese
I didn’t measure anything, so just throw it all together—it’s faster that way!

Boil a big pot of whole wheat elbow noodles (cheap in the bins at WinCo).

In a medium saucepan (over med heat) combine ½ can cream of mushroom soup, some milk, a few big spoonfuls of pureed pumpkin (it was leftover from the pumpkin rolls I made and a great way to sneak in some veggies and makes the dish a nice color), small cubes of cheddar and small cubes of mozzarella. Stir it for a while until it is all melty. Then stir in some fresh broccoli cut into very small pieces.

Drain the noodles when they are done, pour the cheese sauce in and stir. Try not to eat the whole thing at once because you will want to—it’s so good!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yum! that's my kind of recipe! i still remember your nutrition lesson from enrichment so long ago. perhaps you should have a maylin cookbook- many would buy it. i know i would.

Dani said...

Sounds yummy... we are going to have to give it a try when the rain returns!

John and Jess said...

thanks for posting the recipe! sounds healthy and good :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i made this tonight and took it to a party and it was awesome! give me more brilliant ideas...