Sunday, July 22, 2007

On The Blog Wagon

Brad, Maylin, Galla and Finn are hopping on the Blog Wagon! I've been inspired by all of my bloggin' friends. I've actually been blogging in my head for weeks now to the point that it's interfering with sleep, so it's time to let the blogs out!


The Dierlams said...

hey friends! We have a blog too! yippee!

Robin said...

Maylin Rocks


Forsloff familia said...

Hey all look so great and happy! Are you living in Oregon right now? We are in Roseburg, OR..Anyway we will put your blog as a link on ours! check us out at

Lane & Erin Forsloff

Phil said...

Thanks, Maylin it is always so fun to hear from you. I've been trying to figure a good way to write to my grandkids. This may work well. Good to see and hear from you