Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brad's Lush Garden

Brad has two little plots of land that he's worked over with his green thumb. The fruits of his labor were a long time coming since we live in the not-so-hot Oregon climate, but we are finally enjoying some fresh from the vine veggies.


The Dierlams said...

I'm in love with your children. they are soooo freaking cute.

James & Anjanette said...

I saw your comment on Cami's blog & was totally excited to see you. Welcome to the neighborhood. PS. Randi is totally right...your kids are adorable!

John and Jess said...

Hey Maylin! You did it! Yay.
I love this pic! Finn in the bucket, How cute!!

Bob & Linnea said...

I can't tell how much I love the picture of Finn in the bucket! You really do have adorable kids. By the way--congrats on the relay and good luck at the marathon. I walked my first marathon in Vancouver, Washington in April. I really admire you for running it!
Aunt Linnea