Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lest I slip back into my slacker ways...

I'd better keep posting like I'm s'posta!
Don't be fooled by her cute hair--this little girl is a wild one and she loves to dig in the dirt!
I know this is not the most flattering shot of her face, but Galla has a style all of her own that needs to be showcased! She is very adament about dressing herself and changing a dozen or so times a day. Here she is sporting her 4 pm look: several shirts layered over a dress (that is not just a skirt) with Hello Kitty tights, rainbow socks and her diamond Crocs. And don't forget the excessive accessories! (She actually has those toned down in this picture.)
Here they are playing "cowboy" in the backyard.
Finn also has a unique style that doesn't stray far from shorts. Every day. Rain or shine. Thank goodness it's really starting to warm up. He also likes to throw a Boston accent on things. He would say they are playing in the "backyawd." And when we go somewhere we get in the "ka." I don't know how to spell it the way he says it, but can you hear it? Who knows where he got that?
Here's a classic Easter morning shot. Chocolate bunny--breakfast of champions!

Paisley looks like she's thinking: "Are you sure this is ok, mom?"
Easter afternoon. I love my cute little family and can't wait to add another little boy! Due date countdown: 17 days!


Pieces of me... said...

What a beautiful family! I can't believe you only have 17 days left.. you so don't look like it! We're excited for you guys too. :)

Bart's Rebecca said...

Seriously? 17 days? I swear I just found out you were pregnant like last week. How time flies.

Robin McCleskey Falke said...

myyyyyy little cuties. Galla, Mimi still changes her clothers at least 3 times per day... (ohhh I really shouldn't admit that)
Finn, ow-ya-doin? lookin gaud in yua cawby hot!
Paisley, you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo dang cute! come play in Opa's garden - he would love it!!!

Ann-Marie said...

May's sooooooooooo close-only 17 days. it really has flown for me :)...I can't believe how big Paisley has grown since your last photos!!! Good luck with birth of baby boy!

Trujillo family said...

You look amazing Maylin!! I can't believe only 17 days (or less) left! Your family is just so stinkin' cute and we miss you guys so much. Good luck with #4 I can't wait to see the little guy!

Jaime said...

Paisley looks just like I did at that age, I have to find a picture and show's crazy.