Friday, July 31, 2009

is it sunday or wednesday?

Lately I feel like those are the only days in the week. It'll be Sunday morning and we're rushing to get everyone presentable and to church on time. Next thing I know it's Wednesday and Galla has gymnastics and Brad has a softball game. Before I know it we're getting ready for church again...then it seems like the next day and I'm watching somersaults and softball again...then suddenly it's Sunday! Where do the weeks go?!So I had to post some softball pics. Brad sponsored the team (hence the name "Falke Chiropractic") of a bunch of guys mostly from our ward. How do you like the spine on the back of their tees? Pretty cute, right?! The guys all have cool wives and kids that would be there, so I spent more time socializing (with my friends) and supervising (our kids at the playground) than rooting on the team. But I did fulfill my "team mom" duties and bring ice cold Gatorades in the cooler each week for the guys and candy for the kids.

Take me out to the ball game...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

G is for Galla and Gymnast

Galla started gymnastics a few weeks ago and she luh-huvs it! After her first class her teacher, Miss Megan, said she was surprised she'd never taken gymnastics before because her arms are so strong. I guess the strict morning regimen I have her on of curling large juice cans and bench pressing Paisley is paying off.

Before each class Galla's instructions to me are: Take my picture and say "go, Galla, go!"

You go, G-girl!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet Tooth

To celebrate Uncle Ryan's first week as a full-fledged dentist, I made this cake. Kind of conflicting interests to shape sugar like a toothbrush, but once I had the idea there was no stopping me. I wouldn't recommend using dyed marshmallow creme as actual toothpaste.

I'm still scheming how to successfully make a spine cake for Brad.

While we're talking toothbrushes, I'd like to mention that Ryan hooked Brad and me up with some sweet Sonicares a while back. Have any of you used one of these vibrating villians?! The first time I used it I wasn't sure I could endure the two minutes of torture. It so tickles my lips and gums! I'm used to the tickles now, but it has forever stripped me of my teeth-brushing multi-tasking capabilities. I guess I can still use my left hand to do other things but I cannot use both hands and just let the thing hang out in my mouth for a second. I've tried it unsuccessfully. I'm learning to enjoy the two minutes of meditation while staring at myself in the mirror and when it's done, I can't deny the fresh from the dentist feeling.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

cows, chickens, pigs, sharks...the usual fair gang

Brad's business has been steadily increasing and it's great. He's constantly coming up with another way to market himself--you know, like getting new patients not like on the "black market." So a couple weeks ago he had a booth at the El Dorado County Fair. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of his set-up, but I did get some fun pics of the kids. I took the kids (with Ryan, Stephanie, and Conner--see previous post) and we had a jolly fair time.Checking out the chickens.Yup, there were real live sharks! Surprisingly not part of the petting zoo portion, but still cool to look at."License and registration please, ma'am."Poor little P was exhausted by the end. I thought this was a peculiar sleep position.This is a glimpse into how my life would look as a single mom. Seriously, I know a lot of ladies don't have a choice and they do a great job, but I'm not tough enough. We would look this pathetic 24/7. We love you, Brad, and we're proud of your business progress!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beachy Keen

Here's a blurb from our beach trip a while back. So I'm behind with my blogging, whatchagunnado?This is as good of a full family photo we can get these days. We need to make more of an effort and attempt to get one with at least all faces forward.Careful Finn...Or throw caution to the wind and run full-speed into the water.Like father, like son.Hooray for the beach!What a beach bum.Me and Paisley with Stephanie and Conner.The boys with the babies. Cousin Conner is 6 weeks older than Paisley.

Take note of Ryan (Brad's big bro), Stephanie and Conner because they are going to be regulars on the Falke Star. Another Falke family moved to Folsom! They looked all over for where to live and ended up in our ward. We are super-stoked to have them so close. Brad and Ryan are great brothers and friends. They tend to bring out the teenager in each other, so Steph and I have to stick together to keep things in line. Steph and I also might have to leave the kids with the dads and go shopping.