Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beachy Keen

Here's a blurb from our beach trip a while back. So I'm behind with my blogging, whatchagunnado?This is as good of a full family photo we can get these days. We need to make more of an effort and attempt to get one with at least all faces forward.Careful Finn...Or throw caution to the wind and run full-speed into the water.Like father, like son.Hooray for the beach!What a beach bum.Me and Paisley with Stephanie and Conner.The boys with the babies. Cousin Conner is 6 weeks older than Paisley.

Take note of Ryan (Brad's big bro), Stephanie and Conner because they are going to be regulars on the Falke Star. Another Falke family moved to Folsom! They looked all over for where to live and ended up in our ward. We are super-stoked to have them so close. Brad and Ryan are great brothers and friends. They tend to bring out the teenager in each other, so Steph and I have to stick together to keep things in line. Steph and I also might have to leave the kids with the dads and go shopping.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

how fun! and um, does gallas swim suit come in my size? (big mama size in other words!) :)

Dani said...

So glad to finally see the Falke's back in action! We've been missing you! The beach looks like a blast. It's always fun to escape for a day. And how fun to have insta-friends move into the ward- lucky!

Pieces of me... said...

The beach looks so fun! And that is so cool that family is close. :)