Sunday, March 29, 2009

Party Post Script

Galla's birthday wouldn't be complete without being decked out in a decadent Disney princess dress. Sleeping Beauty was the bell of the ball this year. Thank you, Mimi, Galla LOVES her new dress-up stuff!

These pictures are from 3 weeks ago, but seriously, where did March go? I've got much more to blog about...but maybe tomorrow. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's What Friends are "Four"

Galla turned 4 on Sunday and on Saturday she had her birthday party. It was the first "drop your kids off for 2 hours" party we have thrown and it was so fun! It was "Kitty Hello" themed (as Galla says). We invited the girls in her primary class and they are so sweet. They all were so good and had such a fun time.They colored giant Hello Kitty pictures and we played "pin the bow on Hello Kitty."They decorated cookies and we played some more games.They played in the bubble machine. This thing is awesome! I would highly recommend it, especially if blowing bubbles makes you light headed after 5 minutes like it does for me. There were TONS of bubbles and the girls thought it was magical to dance in them. Just look how happy Gal looks here!

I remember my friend, Michelle, talking about when her daughter, Bailey, turned four and how she totally like grew up over night--now I know what she was talking about! Galla is such a big girl and is becoming amazingly mature. She is so well-behaved and sweet and my little friend. Galla is packed with personality and she's so fun/observant/smart and I'm so proud of her. It's crazy to think about how far we've come since the 32 hours of labor that brought her to us 4 years ago. I love you Gal-friend!