Monday, January 19, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

To Mammaw's house we go!

We went down to Turlock to spend the night at Brad's grandma's house Friday night--just for funsies and because we can!We made Mam's famous and dangerously delicious molasses cookies. Soooo tasty--as were the BBQ ribs and kale soup. Seriously, you haven't eaten until you've dined in "Bev's Kitchen."Paisley watched the kitchen action while she wedged herself under the buffet.We played outside. Mammaw's backyard is a kid's paradise complete with a dirt pit to dig in. Finn is so happy and playful.We picked flowers. Galla loved the roses and violets.Paisley took a bath. She's a water baby like the other two.Finn took a nap in the king size bed. So cozy!This sums up our Saturday. Yeah, Brad is using a magnifying glass to try to pop a kernel placed on a molasses cookie. He already burned holes in the paper towel roll that Paisley is playing with. All this outdoor fun, I almost forgot it's January! There's nothing like being at Mammaw's house. She is an all-star lady that we all love dearly.


Dani said...

What a fun day! I am a tad bit jealous of the sunshine. Actually, we've had a ton of sunshine up here, but unfortunately it's accompanied by tornado force winds.

Trujillo family said...

I can't believe how big Paisley is getting!! What a fun way to spend a weekend. It would sure be nice to enjoy weather like yours!! We miss you guys. Whenever we say we are going to play with friends or go to church, Loggan always says Galla, Finn. Its so cute. They love Galla and Finn.