Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bless You

That felt good!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Packing Predicament

So far packing is going well. As I type, Brad is painting our green family room walls back to their bland white. I was packing my shoes. Clothes and shoes are hard because it's so difficult to decide what to keep and what to donate. I kept asking Brad about shoes I wasn't sure if I should keep but he was less decisive and more suspicious of how many shoes I have. I figured I'd better stop drawing attention to my shoe collection or he might not let me go to DSW ever again! So I thought I'd turn to you for direction. The picture is of the specific shoes in question. My dear Doc Martens! I got them my sophomore or junior year of high school and they were so cool (and expensive) at the time. I loved them and they have been well-worn, yet are still in surprisingly good condition (man, those soles are heavy). And though they have been worn so much, I don't think I've put them on in probably 5 years. You would think it was safe to toss 'em, but it's easier said than done. Brad said I should keep them in case I ever become a sister missionary? So I turn to my wise blogging friends for advise.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus

Last night was our wonderful ward Christmas party. Brad and I were in charge of it, so we've had a busy week of preparation but it all paid off. It went very well thanks to all the people that pitched in and helped with everything. Yummy dinner, a heart-warming program, and a jolly visitor (Paisley missed the Big Man due to her evening nap). It was great and really put me in the Christmas spirit. Now I need to catch the spirit of packing because it's time to hit the boxes since we move to CA in a week! We will be home for the holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Budding Artist

A while back I set Galla up with some watercolors while I took a jog on my treadmill. When I got done, I came out to see her and she was just finishing up this work of art. I was pretty impressed--she even painted each fairy their appropriate color.
A couple days ago Galla was playing with blocks and came up with this masterpiece. I thought it looked kinda cool and I asked her what it was. She explained that it was her in her dress. I can see that!
I wonder what goes on in that pretty little head. She's always observing and thinking and comes up with some interesting outcomes. I love getting to know Galla as she grows.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Two Years Old...And Beyond!"

Finn turned 2 yesterday! He loves Woody and Buzz and is usually carrying one of them around, so I decided to do a rocket cake and put Buzz on it. He loved his cake, but freaked out when I put Buzz on it because he can't stand not having Buzz in his hand.
Notice the candle placement--so fun!
I made a platefull of these cookies for playgroup yesterday. They are so easy, so I thought I'd post a pic to give y'all and idea for a fun treat to make. Though I have to admit that I got the idea out of a magazine--I can't come up with these things myself, I just like to copy other clever people.
Finn is such a good boy and we enjoy him so much. He is constantly giving me hugs and kisses, the tender guy. He is talking like crazy and always cracking me up. The other day we were all leaving the house and Brad was taking the kids out to the car while I snuck some snacks for them into my bag. I'm heading out the door when I hear Finn right outside the door say, "Psssstt! 'Ome on Mama!"

We asked Finn how old he is and he said, "Three!" When we told him he was two he said, "How about four?" Silly kid!