Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Two Years Old...And Beyond!"

Finn turned 2 yesterday! He loves Woody and Buzz and is usually carrying one of them around, so I decided to do a rocket cake and put Buzz on it. He loved his cake, but freaked out when I put Buzz on it because he can't stand not having Buzz in his hand.
Notice the candle placement--so fun!
I made a platefull of these cookies for playgroup yesterday. They are so easy, so I thought I'd post a pic to give y'all and idea for a fun treat to make. Though I have to admit that I got the idea out of a magazine--I can't come up with these things myself, I just like to copy other clever people.
Finn is such a good boy and we enjoy him so much. He is constantly giving me hugs and kisses, the tender guy. He is talking like crazy and always cracking me up. The other day we were all leaving the house and Brad was taking the kids out to the car while I snuck some snacks for them into my bag. I'm heading out the door when I hear Finn right outside the door say, "Psssstt! 'Ome on Mama!"

We asked Finn how old he is and he said, "Three!" When we told him he was two he said, "How about four?" Silly kid!


michellechard said...

That is an amazing cake! I always buy one from costco...I need to take lessons. Happy birthday Finn!

Dani said...

Ok, you totally down talked that cake and it is amazing! I won't show Carter because it will put him into a jealous rage! What a good mommy you are. I can't believe Finn is 2!!! I remember seeing him all new in the hospital. WOW!!

And we loved the reindeer treats at playgroup. Thanks for sharing.

Claire said...

Love the cake! I've been thinking about what to do for Ethan's... no idea what to do, but I really love the rocket. I can't believe that they're two!!!

Jessyquita said...

That cake is impressive, and very cute cookies!!
Happy Birthday Finn :)

Robin said...

Noooooo Waaayyyy... you are the best cake maker EVER!!! I love the two candles.
Happy Birthday Finn from the non-gift giving Mimi. But, lots to come in your new mail as soon as you land there.

Trujillo family said...

I love the cake! Finn is such a fun kid. Our boys will miss having another friend their age to play with! Great job on the cake!!

Trishelle said...

Awesome cake. The candle placement was genius!