Thursday, November 6, 2008


Mark and Molly Houx...we are so happy for them! October 25, 2008.
Galla's got a thing for running in the fountain at the Oakland Temple (fortunately she has only gotten in when it's drained). The top pics are from 2 years ago when Brad's other sister got married. We'll have to get some similar shots on her wedding day.So sweet. Hard to imagine that someday she'll be the bride.
And here's the whole gang! All of Brad's siblings are now married and we all got to be together in the temple. Talk about special...

"They're all here!"--Robin


Macy said...

these pictures of gala are adorable. i love you so much!

Caroline said...

Yea for Molly, how exciting! I LOVE your new family picture. You are all looking fabulous! what are your plans for Christmas? We are going to be in Modesto for 12 days. I am hoping that you guys might be stopping through there this year. I want to meet your kids SO bad.

Robin said...

WOW POW MAYLIN!!!! I loved the pictures of Galla in the pond... I was planning on hanging the pond grouping on my wall. I love it.
Also,... thanks for making me cry... again .... that last statement just hits my heart !!! I love you so much. I love our family. See you in Fulsom in January A S A P !!!

CB and Jenn Allen said...


You look beautiful! I am so happy for you. Enjoy the ride.

Jenny (Kuhn) Allen

April HelleDickson said...

I was actually thinking about Molly a few days ago and decided to check and see what is up with you guys. Remember when you told us Molly was our new roommate and that she left because she hated Monica and I? Aww, good times. Little did we know who would take her spot.

Oh, and your kids are adorable.