Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Little Guy--He's "Finn-tastic"

Magnus Finn hit the 18-month mark on Sunday and I just can't believe how big he's getting! Here are a few "Finn-isms:"

*He loves to play with his cars. He's totally content sitting at the kitchen table or laying flat on the ground pushing them around and making sound effects. He also likes to play with trains and balls and is developing quite the arm--just yesterday he got a few good shots on Galla.

*He would prefer to always be outside. He can't get enough of digging in the dirt and throwing rocks. He cries at our sliding door everyday to go on the patio, but since we live in Oregon and it's June and still cold and rainy, he doesn't get out nearly enough.

*He is a tidy guy, always cleaning up. Galla will walk around the house eating a cracker and dropping crumbs and Finn will follow behind picking them up and giving them to me. He is also very polite and always says "eeesh" and "deet-dum" (please and thank-you).

*He likes to eat with a fork and will use it on everything from fruit to a PB&J. He's quite coordinated with using it and prefers his left hand. Yes, Dad, we do believe he is a lefty!

*He is so sweet and loving. He gives me lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles and I'll take all I can get! He looks up to Galla and loves to play chase with her and mimic her. He is a good little brother and I know he will also make a "Finn-tastic" big brother in about a week (due June 12)! We love you Finny!


Bart's Rebecca said...

Ah, what a sweet kid! It is sooo crazy how quickly they grow!

Dani said...

He is Finn-tastic! We love having little Finn as a friend... and I can't believe how not so little he is anymore. Can't wait for baby girl's big debut!

Jessyquita said...

Finn is the sweetest 18 month ever! I cant imagine him ever getting mad! lol you have such a nice family, which is gonna grow in a few days!! Cant wait!

snbjork said...

What a cute kid! If he's 18 months old now, that also means.....NURSERY, Baby (and just in time since you'll have another little person occupying your lap here soon)!!!

It's either in Oregon where it's cold and rainy or Alabama where it's sickeningly muggy and 95 degrees. Take your pick.

Miche said...

I can't believe how big Finn is. He is so dang cute! Good luck with the new little one. You will do great. I loved the way you saved the broken Cinderella shoe. That is very impressive. I think if Baylie heard that she would try to break a shoe. We miss you guys!

Dani said...

We want baby pics!!!

The Prigmore Family said...

Finn I wish I could meet you because I think you are totally rad.

****Baby...Baby...must see pictures of new baby! Has it arrived yet? Am I totally out of the loop or what?****

oh yeah Happy Fathers Day Brad!