Monday, April 14, 2008

The Barbeque and the Birthday Party

Friday night we went to Brad's school for the BBQ they do the first Friday of every quarter. Galla lives for these (see quote on the right) and talks about them near daily. She can't get enough of the hot dogs, chips, soda, and cookies and we just let her indulge. This time she actually complained afterwards that her tummy hurt--that was a first! Hmmm...I wonder why? She also loves running around and playing with all the kids there. She is one social butterfly!Meanwhile, Finn maintained a steady diet of Doritos and Dr. Pepper. This modified sippy cup was Brad's genius dad idea. I think it's hilarious!There was a jumpy castle for the kids and sumo wrestling for the guys. Brad took on his friend Steve. Steve won the fight (that's Brad flat on the mat), but in the process hurt his foot.Only at a Chiropractic school party would you see them adjusting each other after wrestling.Saturday we went to our friend Carter's birthday party where there were plenty more treats to eat and fun to be had. Say, "nacho cheese!" He loves those Doritos!
Decorating cupcakes--YUM! We had so much fun at the party. Thanks for having us, Carter, and happy birthday!
While I'm posting, I'd like to mention that our car got broken into last night and our Mio GPS is MIA. While I assume (and hope) that the thief doesn't read my blog, I still want to say shame on you to the meanie.


Dani said...

Thanks for celebrating with Carter! And for the awesome gift. Carter is lovin' all those figurines.

Trujillo family said...

I can't believe your car got broken into! It looks like you guys had lots of fun at the BBQ and Carters party. I feel like I haven't seen or talked to you guys forever! Now if I could only just feel better!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

ohhh those dirty rotten creeps, I am so sorry about your car!!!Your kids look like they had a lot of fun at the BBQ. So I run my first Marathon in a week from saturday do you have an advice to give me besides being really nervous!

snbjork said...

Why must people break into cars and steal things and assault people and do all the icky rotten no good things they do??

It looks like you guys stay plenty busy having lots of fun! Good job, Brad, on the sippy cup. Finn will have you to blame for all his cavities and future Dr. Pepper addictions! Just kidding. Sort of.

How's the pregnancy going for you, Maylin? Please post some pictures of your little tiny belly (so I can go ahead and be jealous that you're so little and tiny)! I love reading your blog. It's so fun to see the kids getting so big! =)

Jaime said...

Finn has such cute little hair! And don't worry about the cavities, Dr. Ryan can take care of those. I like Bradley's jeans, too. You're such a good momma may.