Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"My bump, my bump, my bump. My lovely baby bump!"

I guess it's about time I post a pic of my "bump." Whenever I hear people refer to a pregnant belly like that I think of the song "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas! It makes me laugh...and I get the urge to dance! Anyway, this picture was taken just over a week ago when I was 32 weeks along. I've been planning on taking a different picture to get a better belly shot, but that doesn't seem to be happening so this will have to do. The cardigan really accentuates the obvious! And look at that cute little man holding my hand...I'm one lucky mama!

This third pregnancy is going great and I have no complaints. I love feeling my little girl squirm around! I look forward to meeting her face-to-face, but I'm feeling so good that I'm in no hurry. I'm just enjoying this special time and trying not to notice the "you must be crazy" looks that I get when I take Galla, Finn, and my belly around in public. It's going to be tricky to fit all 3 comfortably in a shopping cart!

Finn likes to give my belly kisses. Galla insists that she has a baby girl in her tummy, I have a baby boy in my tummy (who she refers to as "baby Finny"), and daddy has a "baby daddy" in his tummy. Looks like we've got some more 'splanin' to do!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Barbeque and the Birthday Party

Friday night we went to Brad's school for the BBQ they do the first Friday of every quarter. Galla lives for these (see quote on the right) and talks about them near daily. She can't get enough of the hot dogs, chips, soda, and cookies and we just let her indulge. This time she actually complained afterwards that her tummy hurt--that was a first! Hmmm...I wonder why? She also loves running around and playing with all the kids there. She is one social butterfly!Meanwhile, Finn maintained a steady diet of Doritos and Dr. Pepper. This modified sippy cup was Brad's genius dad idea. I think it's hilarious!There was a jumpy castle for the kids and sumo wrestling for the guys. Brad took on his friend Steve. Steve won the fight (that's Brad flat on the mat), but in the process hurt his foot.Only at a Chiropractic school party would you see them adjusting each other after wrestling.Saturday we went to our friend Carter's birthday party where there were plenty more treats to eat and fun to be had. Say, "nacho cheese!" He loves those Doritos!
Decorating cupcakes--YUM! We had so much fun at the party. Thanks for having us, Carter, and happy birthday!
While I'm posting, I'd like to mention that our car got broken into last night and our Mio GPS is MIA. While I assume (and hope) that the thief doesn't read my blog, I still want to say shame on you to the meanie.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Up to the Highest Heights

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again more than flying a kite!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

With Mimi and Opa

What an action-packed week with Mimi and Opa! Here are the highlights:I know what you're thinking: we look really cool in this picture with Brad talking on his phone and me talking on my imaginary phone, but Finn makes up for the lameness of his parents with the awesomeness of his red shades. Here we are going to Portland's Saturday Market. It's, like, one of the largest outdoor markets in the nation--or so I've heard. But I'd believe it because they have so much cool stuff there and it's so fun to look at everything and want to buy everything but then end up buying nothing because you just can't decide. Someday I'm going to get some art or a necklace or a big wooden bowl and then I'll blog about it. The kids loved feeding the chickens at the bed and breakfast where Brad's parents stayed (after we were done using them for their babysitting). It was such a nice place up in the Columbia Gorge. Brad and I got a sitter one evening and went with his parents to dinner at their restaurant. We had the most amazing 7 course meal imaginable! We happened to be the only people dining there that night, so we also got incredible individual service with the chef himself coming out to tell us about each dish. What an experience!Here's Finn looking through the coop--a cool pic.We walked around the temple one afternoon to enjoy the beauty and the spirit. The Portland Temple is so pretty, I'd have to say it is my second favorite (Oakland is #1). Finn thinks it's fun to fly up the stairs...Mommy and Mimi think it's tiring.This is Galla's idea of posing and smiling for the camera. I think it looks more "monkey impression" and less "top model."Galla and Finn's most favorite thing to do with Mimi is watch videos on her laptop. She finds all kinds of silly clips and cartoons on youtube of doggies and princesses. Finn's a big fan of the headphones. Mimi is so fun! Thanks for the good times...we already miss you!